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CryptoCribs is a home-sharing platform built for and by the global crypto community. It allows crypto enthusiasts from around the globe to meet like-minded individuals, share their homes and exchange ideas. Our mission is to enable our community of crypto nomads and hosts to travel the world without paying the bizarre Web 2.0 intermediary fees. This is not another ICO project without a line of code, it’s a live and working product. Brian Armstrong, founder of Coinbase, recently tweeted about our project: ”Impressive execution from CryptoCribs, excited to try them out.” and this week we launched on the Coinbase/Toshi app. CryptoCribs already offers more than 1100 homes in more than 40 countries around the world and has a vibrant community using the platform to travel every day. We are built on the values of freedom, social inclusion and censorship resistance. Erasmus is the co-founder of CryptoCribs, a bootstrapped crypto startup, which is on a mission to allow people to travel.


Slides can be found here after the event is over.