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Arnold Daniels (software architect and developer) is a familiar face in the Dutch start-up scene, as an early employee of a number of successful Dutch startup. As employee #1 of one of the most successful Dutch software companies ProActive (6 times FD Gazelle award winner, #24 Main Capital Partners list), Arnold helped to redefine corporate expenditure software. After ProActive Arnold joined Could9, a startup that pioneered in server-side JavaScript (now node.js), component-based JavaScript (similar to Angular) and web-based rich applications. Cloud9 has recently been acquired by Amazon Web Services. In 2014 Arnold Daniels co-founded LegalThings, aimed to reinvent contracts and revolutionize legal processes. In 2016 LegalThings found a very practical use for the blockchain by anchoring contracts and actions, providing proof of existence. This gently introduced use of the blockchain to several multinational and government organizations. Simple anchoring progressed into Live Contracts


Slides can be found here after the event is over.