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Frans Kempen is in IBM Netherlands the blockchain lead for companies with a high volume of Supply Chain Services. He is also hands-on managing 2 blockchain delivery programs which will go into production Q4 2018 for companies in the Supply Chain industry. Frans has a degree in Civil Engineering and in Business Economics. After starting at Unilever in Marketing Management, he has worked for KPN and British Telecom and focussed his career towards creating a competitive advantage for his clients by implementing new technologies and building future proof IT- and Services platforms. Examples are developing the first free ISP at KPN and building a cloud services platform at British Telecom. In 2006, Frans joined IBM and was responsible for the communication industry and has been leading the Microsoft practise. Since 2015, Frans has a keen interest in Distributed Ledger Technology and the related cryptocurrencies.


Slides can be found here after the event is over.