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Kimera Systems
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Kimera’s Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology represent maybe the most interesting advancement in artificial intelligence – an advancement currently being investigated by a major academic institutions. The company aim to use this technology to overhaul the global network and economy. By bringing true AI to the global network, Kimera wants to automate the network to a level where middlemen platforms, like app stores, social networks and other aggregation services, are no longer needed. From a human perspective it means our devices “just work”. They know what we are trying to accomplish and how to assist us, sometimes before we are aware of it ourselves. The impact of this technology is estimated to reach from app developers to the telecom industry to governments. That is why Kimera has developed a decentralized AI architecture that puts data ownership in the center. Mounir “Mo” Shita has over two decades of entrepreneurial experience. He founded Kimera Systems to revolution


Slides can be found here after the event is over.