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Seal is Bart’s brainchild. Able to apply both left and right brain equally, Bart conjures up creative ideas and tests them using sophisticated data driven methods. He is an expert dealmaker with vast international business development experience at Dell, Bloomsix and Deloitte. His talent for innovation enabled him to work on projects in IOT, robotics, blockchain and the FiWare consortium. Bart is a 99th percentile member of Mensa and holds a master in Marketing Intelligence from the University of Groningen graduating on the topic of conjoint recommender systems in addition to completing the honours leadership track. Seal started out of love for creation. It’s about protecting brands and consumers, and connecting them to each other. We are a blockchain powered product authentication and services platform which provides consumers and manufacturers with guaranteed product trust. The Seal proprietary technology utilizes NFC compatible chips which can be effective, securely and discretely


Slides can be found here after the event is over.