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Assistant to the Jr Floor Sweeper
Nik Page Experience Strategy & Design
Nik believes a better future is worth taking risks, challenging “common wisdom”, and pissing people off on the way to discovering genuine inspiration. He also believes that a better future is entirely within our grasp & that it’s the only thing worth the effort. His professional journey began in San Francisco with mainframe programming then UI testing and design when UI’s were distributed on floppies and CDs. Along the way he learned that the interface (UI) is NOT experience (UX) and that in design, Best Practices usually lead to failure. He’s worked for start-ups and global corporations where he always pushed for better UX focussed design. Currently Nik is a startup mentor, an experience strategist & designer, a Google Developer Expert, and a fanatic about designing the future. He loves the promise blockchain and he promotes design thinking & design sprints and experience design in day to day life as a way to eventual social changes.


Slides can be found here after the event is over.