[special] blockchain for humanity

working use-cases reinforcing common good ideas!

03 June 2019 19:00

TQ (Amsterdam)

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Core Contributor
Blockchain 4 Humanity
Blockchain 4 Humanity
Blockchain 4 Humanity
Core Contributor
Blockchain 4 Humanity
Goncalvez Espiga
CEO / Founder
Assistant to the Jr Floor Sweeper
Nik Page Experience Strategy & Design
Host, Co-Founder
Blockchain Talks



19:00 - opening speech

Speakers: Jana Petkanic

A short opening dedicated to the importance of social impact and the future of DeFi within this context.


19:10 - Digital challenges in the Hyperinflationary economical context of Venezuela

Speakers: Guillermo Goncalvez Espiga

The talk starts with an introduction of human society development and different forms of control and social organisation. Afterwards it shows some of the most economical critical moments in human life to expose some of the bad economic policies destroy our standards of living as in the case of Venezuela, where we recently experienced more than 2 million percent inflation rate during 2018. Finally we dive into the new emerging economies and their impact in the Venezuelan and Latin American context.



Speakers: Alex Casas, Grace Torrellas, Vojtech Simetka, Ivan Kaleja

Block to block towards 2030


20:10 - beer2beer networking session


20:45 - SSI for Socio-Economic Inclusion

Speakers: Jimmy Snoek

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) has been an increasingly hot topic following the rise of blockchain technology. The ability to regain control over our personal data and have the autonomy on sharing what we want with whom (without even having to disclose this personal data), has gathered immense appeal from governmental organisations to financial instutions. But what about the 1.7bn people currently socio-economically excluded? That is the problem Tykn is aiming to solve.


21:10 - Design Experience in Social Impact Crypto

Speakers: Nik Page

The world is full of failed projects built on great intentions and exciting tech. Meeting a need and making sure users recognise their solution is vital. An experience designed to show the user you know her wants and needs and that you have shared values and intention will bring her to the tech. UX is the art of design for emotion, of turning a casual visitor into your brand ambassador.


21:30 - How is Emerge helping to create a positive impact?

Speakers: Lucia Gallardo

Emerge is an emerging technology company building socially impactful solutions to pressing humanitarian issues, as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our projects enable the more efficient, more humane, and more transparent movement of people, goods, and data around the world. Homeward is an identity management and intelligent resettlement system for displaced populations. Theseus is a logistics solution to transparently track, trace and optimize the global movement of goods, while reducing waste and fostering fair economic opportunities. Trusted Voices creates an immutable chain of custody for the source material used in today’s news. Safe Haven is a disaster relief temporary net that works with international organizations to train, deploy and pay locally trained citizens in natural disaster prone countries in real-time after disaster strikes. In 2017, Emerge also published Leap, the world’s first report to track blockchain ecosystems in emerging markets. The 2018 version is forthcoming. For its work, Emerge is nominated for the 2018 Global UN SDG Awards, to be announced in March 2019, and the 2019 Newsweek Blockchain Impact Awards.


22:00 - Afterevent networking

Speakers: Grace Torrellas, Vojtech Simetka, Ivan Kaleja, Guillermo Goncalvez Espiga, Jimmy Snoek, Nik Page, Lucia Gallardo

find us in the nice bar for an informal networking session, more info HERE